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This App has been developed by national melanoma and skin cancer (UK) charity, Skcin - a specialist skin cancer awareness charity, founded in 2006 in memory of Karen Clifford (the ‘KC’ in Skcin) who lost her courageous battle to melanoma, aged 61.

Skcin’s core objectives are to raise awareness of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, specifically to promote prevention and early detection through educational intervention for public benefit.


Our aim is to save lives and unnecessary suffering from the world’s most common cancer - a cancer that is almost entirely preventable and the only cancer we can physically see developing in its early stages.

Our mission through the continual development of bespoke, sustainable, nationally and globally accessible intervention initiatives, is to reach as many people as possible with vital education to: significantly increase awareness, drive behavioural change and promote early detection, diagnosis and treatment, by empowering individuals of all ages and skin types to take charge of their own skin health and surveillance.

Our vision is to save lives and combat rising statistics head on, by preventing skin cancer for our future generations, improving patient outcomes through early diagnosis and relieving the significant burden of skin cancer on the NHS.

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Our wealth of knowledge and experience in educational intervention, combined with our unique and forward thinking approaches to tackling this major public health concern led us to develop the Skcin App to meet the emerging needs of beneficiaries whilst taking advantage of the digital and mobile health revolution.

Whilst various skin checking and UV Index applications independently exist, we believe they lack the required education needed to understand: the risks associated with UV exposure; how to prevent skin cancer; how to spot the early signs and symptoms of the disease; and how to ensure appropriate action is received from a qualified healthcare practitioner. As such, we have developed the Skcin App to offer a highly comprehensive, educational and self-management mobile application that enables and empowers users to take charge of their skin health and surveillance.

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To support the roll-out of the mobile application, Skcin are simultaneously developing our 6th national accreditation programme that draws on our wealth of experience working with businesses and organisations to deliver educational intervention to their employee, member and client communities.

Skcin firmly believe that modifiable health risks that lead to disease can be significantly decreased through workplace-sponsored health promotion and disease prevention programmes. As such, the Skin Cancer SOS (Supporter of Skcin) Accreditation programme aims to support and recognise the valuable contribution businesses and organisations, both large and small can make in helping to combat the soaring rates of skin cancer - locally, nationally and globally.

Businesses and organisations can get Skin Cancer SOS Accredited by supporting our work with a white label version of the Skcin App to deliver across their employee, member, and client communities - aiding us in our mission to place skin cancer prevention and early detection into the hands and hearts of communities on a local, national and global scale.

To find out more about the Skin Cancer SOS Accreditation and how we can support your business or organisation in the delivery of a tailored health promotion and disease prevention programme please contact: marie.tudor@skcin.org

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Special thanks and recognition:

SKCIN would like to pay special thanks to the David Price Melanoma Trust for funding the build of this app and their continued support of our diverse work. The David Price Melanoma Trust has supported SKCIN for over a decade, funding a number of projects and initiatives that have made our mission possible and our vision a reality. We are forever grateful for the guidance and support of their Trustees and the opportunity through our years of collaboration to create a long-standing legacy in memory of David Price.

About the David Price Melanoma Trust:

Since its inception in 1988, the David Price Melanoma Trust has a history of giving in the field of Melanoma, supporting research at St Thomas's and Westminster Hospitals, specialist health technology at Mount Vernon Hospital and sun safe awareness education initiatives in partnership with SKCIN and, previously, with Teenage Cancer Trust.

David was 34 when he died on 29th October 1988. David’s wife Alison Price said:

“David was a much loved husband and adoring father of 2 very young children. Our daughter was 4 and our son had just had his first birthday when he died. My family and I have tried to fill in the gaps but nothing will make up for what he and they have missed over the years including his incredible grandchildren.

The melanoma diagnosis came after a visit to the GP when a mole on his back started bleeding and he was sent urgently to have it investigated. David faced all of his treatment and operations with dignity and hope.

David did not fall into the category of a stereotypical melanoma statistic. He wasn’t a sun worshipper, he wasn’t a fair, blue eyed person. In fact we believe the damage was done on a cloudy day.

David would be so proud to see what has been achieved in his name and the ongoing exposure that is now in the public domain hoping to bring awareness to this awful disease which is still on the increase”.

Skcin would also like to thank our valued colleagues at Total SEO Services for building the application, for their commitment to all our digital projects, services and technical requirements and for their continued dedication to our work.

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